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CSCS Card Scheme

The CSCS Card scheme & its affiliates are in place to promote standardised safe working practises for operatives within the construction industry. They aim to ensure card holders hold a basic understanding of health & safety & the dangers faced while on site. The CSCS scheme has grown in popularity over the years to become one of the most popular & widely accepted competency schemes encompassing a wide variety of occupations within the industry. The cards are issued depending on the qualifications held & upon the successful completion of the appropriate Health, Safety & Environment Test. 

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These CSCS scheme is one of the built environment’s most popular and widely accepted competency schemes, designed to promote safer working practises on site. Ensuring card holders understand the safe working practises within their job role and have obtained the necessary training and qualifications. The schemes holds a comprehensive nationwide database of operatives that have successfully met the minimum requirements and either hold or have held a relevant card. In order to Operatives are required to successfully complete an appropriate CSCS Health, Safety & Environment Test, relevant to their job role on site. After which an application may be submitted for a card, to demonstrate their compliance and understanding of safe working practices whilst on site.

Various sites & companies are responsible for managing there adherence and commitment to the scheme. Ensuring that operatives accessing their sites hold cards that are relevant & adequately cover their job roles on site and although the card isn’t a legal requirement, most compliant sites will not grant access without one. 

                                                          Application Process.

The general guideline and basic requirement to obtaining a CSCS card is the successful completion of an appropriate Health, Safety & Environment Test. This test must be suitable to your job role on site & linked to any qualification held, for instance a supervisor shouldn’t take a managers test without relevant qualifications.  Once completed the HS&E tests are valid for 24 months and cards can be obtained between 18 to 24 months after the test date, dependant on the exact card type. These cards once obtained are valid for between 1-5 years. Please contact us for any clarification on this.

Test bookings can be completed online by simply selecting the most appropriate to your role on site, please be mindful to note any qualifications held whilst filling out the easy step by step forms with all the relevant information. Any bookings placed online will be followed by a curtsey call to confirm the all the information provided.


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